Awards Categories

Companies can nominate in up to three of the following categories:

Business Excellence Award for Agriculture, Food and Beverage

Business Excellence Award for Business Innovation, Creative Industries and the Digital Economy

Business Excellence Award for Construction, Infrastructure and Natural Resources

Business Excellence Award for Consumer Services

Business Excellence Award for Cross-Border Investment

Business Excellence Award for Professional and Business Services

Business Excellence Award for Small-To-Medium Enterprises

Business Excellence Award for Sustainability, Diversity & Social Responsibility

Judging Process

1.0. Nomination Stage 

1.1 The Judging Panel for the AustCham Westpac Australia-China Business Awards 2018 will review all nominations and decide which should be invited through to the next stage.

1.2 The initial nomination form requires responses to two questions: 'What were your company's major recent achievements?' and 'Why should your company win this award?

1.3 The key criteria on which judges will be making their decisions about the companies that will go through to the next round are: Distinctiveness: does the company stand out within its category? And Excellence: does it display excellence?

2.0. ShortlistStage

2.1 Shortlisted companies will be invited to submit further information on the following:

  • Company Strategy - what are your company's goals over the next 3-5 years? What is the strategy to achieve them?

  • Company Growth - What has been your company's growth over the past 3-5 years? In what ways has the company grown, e.g. financially, headcount, geographic area? What have been the drivers of that growth?

  • Company Financials - Please provide an overview of your company's revenue and profitability for the past 3 years. 

  • Commitment to Australia-China relationship - How has your company engaged with business, government, or other organisations in such a way that has had a positive impact on Australia-China relations and/or the business relationship between Australia and China.

  • Other information relevant to the shortlisted category (evidence to support the submission such as new articles, reports, video/photos etc)

  • Documentation - copy of one of the following: PRC Business Licence; Australian Certificate of Registration of a Company; Business Registration Certificate from Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR or Taiwan. 

2.2 The information is used partly as due diligence to ensure that any award winner is viable and financially sound.

2.3 It is also providing a further opportunity for companies to demonstrate to the Judging Panel how their business is both Distinctive and Excellent.

3.0 Finalist Interview Stage

3.1 The Judging Panel will invite shortlisted companies to attend an interview, ideally face-to-face or if this is not possible, by video conference.

3.2 Each company will have a 10 minute discussion session, during which the Judging Panel will ask questions. If they wish, companies may make a brief presentation, however the presentation should be for no longer than 3 minutes. 

4.0 Winners Announced

4.1 Winners are announced at a Gala Dinner in rotating cities of Greater China. The 2019 Winners will be announced in Hong Kong. 

Conditions of Entry

1. Companies may enter in one of eight Award categories. It may nominate in up to three categories. The Judging Panel, in its absolute discretion, will determine the final category in which any nominee company shall be considered. All such determinations by the Judging Panel will be final and not subject to review.

2. The Nominee completes the Nomination Form within the specified time frame and submits online.

3. Nominees who are shortlisted and invited through to the next stage should complete the Further Information form within the specified time frame and submit online.

4. Information provided in the Nomination Form and during the Further Information stage should focus on the Nominee’s performance in Greater China and state overall achievements up to present time (include achievements expected up to the date of the Awards Ceremony). All questions must be answered and all sections of the Nomination Form and, for those companies that are shortlisted, the subsequent Further Information forms must be completed for a company to be considered for an Award. Illegible or incomplete entries may be declared invalid. 

5. The Nomination and Further Inforations forms are important documents that must be completed by an officer of the company who has best knowledge and who must sign the Nomination and Further Information forms confirming their truth and accuracy. The Nomination and Further Information forms are private and confidential and information is used for the purpose of judging only. Background information will be asked for from Finalists for advertising, marketing and editorial purposes at a later stage.

6. Prior to review by the Judging Panel, all completed Nomination and Further Information forms will be subject to validation of their contents.

7. In promotion of the Awards, the names of all nominees and their nominated Awards categories may be listed on this website and the websites of other participating organisations. The public will be able to forward information supporting nominations to

AustCham Shanghai for appropriate validation.

8. AustCham Shanghai will provide all validated Nomination and Further Information forms to the Judging Panel for review. In addition to information provided in the Nomination and Further Information forms, the Judging Panel will consider such other  relevant information relating to the nominees having regard to the Judging Criteria. The Judging Panel may, in its absolute discretion but shall not be obliged to, take such further steps as it considers reasonable to verify any information provided to it in relation to the nominees.


9. The Judging Panel will determine the finalists in each category. The list of Finalists is made public and all nominees are informed of their status.


10. Finalists will be invited to attend personally or join a video conference at a location (to be determined) with the Judging Panel for a 15 minute interview in April 2019. The purpose of the interview is for the Judging Panel to clarify and validate submissions. There is no need to repeat information already provided. If they wish, companies may make a brief presentation, however the presentation should be no longer than 3 minutes. Should the Judging Panel require additional or further information, finalists will be notified in advance.


11. All the decisions of the Judging Panel shall be final and not subject to review.


12. The Judging Panel unanimously decides on the winner(s) in each category and this decision is not made public until it is announced at the Gala Dinner Awards Ceremony.



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